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About Activork

At Activork, we are passionate about improving the efficacy of Business – Customer Engagement, at scale.

Building upon your customer knowledge and business learnings, we use technology to create rich & personalized engagements for each of your Prospects and Customers. 

Our Engagement solutions are built on three foundational pillars:

Relevance: Relevance of Context, Timing, and Medium of Communication

Proactive & Personalised: Preempt pain points and have specific responses. Each interaction should improve trust in the Customer – Brand relationship.

Accountability: Customer behaviour and efficacy of Engagement strategies should be continuously tracked and analyzed.



Personalised Customer reachout, exactly what your Customers want

Every customer is special and needs to be treated that way. We build highly relevant and rich personalised customer engagement using Personalised Microwebsites. Communication thats has the correct context, timing, and medium.

Nurture customer Interest into Actions

Rich & relevant Content based engagement is a very fertile base to build relationships. Nurture Interests/Intents into Actions – Organically.

Converse with your Brand’s Audience over WhatsApp

Converse where the customer is truly comfortable. Engage where the customer is most likely to respond i.e. WhatsApp

Track, Analyse and Improve customer conversion rates, 24X7

Understand What works with Whom, Where and When. Behavorial analytics helps you understand not just what the customer says but also what they don’t.

Guide, educate and empower your patients

Help your patients understand what they are dealing with, at their own pace. Guide them to the right information and correct FAQ responses, without overwhelming them with information.

Without compromising on the patient’s privacy. (HIPAA Complaint)

Address Dr. Google, convincingly, 24X7

Any ailment can be frustating for a normal functioning human so its natural to be curious and Google about your symtoms etc. Help your patients and their loved ones, do right research. Demonstrate exceptional patient care beyond the call of duty, everytime!

Share your knowledge, Spread your empathy

Help not just your patients but their friends and family as well. Share your knowledge, without meeting prospective patients. Make them know what are the signs to watch out for and how to respond to any emergency and how to reach you.

Learn what matters to your patients and their loved ones

When monitored, patients respond differently than how they would otherwise. We help you understand the patient behaviour through meaningful insights.

Inform and actively engage your clients

Help your clients get the insights they should care about. Personalized and relevant updates, only.

Nurture financial goals, 24X7

Strongly reccomending financial products may make your clients skeptical, even when you are thinkin in their best interest. Introduce clients to your recommendations and portfolio services, organically. Help clients learn at their own pace while nurturing their financial goals and trust.

Share knowledge and get rightfully acknowledged

Sharing relevant and well organised insights, you can not just help your clients make faster decisions but also help your clients brag to their friends and family (i.e. Potential customers) about your services.

Learn what really interests your clients

Its important for you to know what investment avenues your client are interested in, fasicanted about and which one s they are not interested in, at all. We help you understand your client interests, using behavorial analytics based insights.

Guide and proactively engage your prospects

Proactively engage prospects to convert leads into visits, visits in test drives, and test drives into purchasing the vehicle

Nurture prospects, 24X7

86% of car customers research online. Don’t be a mere spectator in this process but be an accomplice. Help your prospects gather the right pieces of information to expedite the decision making.

Share expert knowledge and connect

Sharing relevant and well-organized insights, you can not just help your clients make faster decisions but also help your clients brag to their friends and family (i.e. Potential customers) about your products and services.

Know what matters to your prospects

Knowing what your prospects truly value is of critical to improving your brand experience. We use online behavioral analytics to get actionable insights that help your prospect’s dealership experience.

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Platform & Support Services


Our SaaS platform can be tailormade to your Brand specific prospect & customer engagement Strategy and Goals.

Speak what your Customers want/expect to hear and do so where they are comfortable i.e WhatsApp

Support Services

We closely work with your Marketing & Sales team to understand your challenges and provide custom-made engagement solutions. 

Please get in touch with us to explore how Activork can help you achieve your business goals

If people like you, they will listen to you, But if they trust you, they will do business with you

Zig Ziglar


The words above are at the core of our mission.

Without trust, there can be no meaningful relationship between you and your customers. Thus, It is vital that you invest in building trustworthy relationships above and beyond mere transactions. It is not only ethically correct but also a smart business call!

We strongly believe that the engagements of the existing customers should be at the center of a Brand’s growth strategy. If done rightfully, your customers not only do your word of mouth marketing but also turn into your brand advocates.

Activork Partner Program

Are you a part of the Digital Marketing Ecosystem and are looking for truly effective ways to build meaningful engagements?

We are happy to collaborate with Partners who share our beliefs.