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About Activork

At Activork, we create custom digital properties that help brands connect better with their customers.

Each digital property is unique and has content and layout that is designed & custom built keeping in mind the brand values, offerings, industry, audience, goals etc.

Keeping lifestyle content at the core, we work on content consumption data analytics to understand and predict real-time customer behaviors. Based on personalized engagements, we promote word of mouth marketing, brand advocacy, and business opportunities.

We use Technology (Data Analytics) to understand Content Engagement (Customer Behaviour) to build, improve and leverage Customer relations.



Easy Share on Whatsapp, FB etc.
Follow and get notified of new articles
Create your own Magazines and Share
Quick magazine summary

Interest based communities – For Users

Communities built around shared Interests and Aspirations.

No more generic social media groups. Follow only what matters.

Select between Articles and Magazines
Choose your interest to see expert curated content
Add articles to your own magazines, in one touch

Articles & Magazines – For Users

Lifestyle focussed content for the users to Read, Engage, Share and Curate.

Users can curate their own digital magazines and become influencers.

Personalised engagements – For Brands

Brands can interact with the customers (1 on 1) in their comfort zone. such as Whatsapp messages.

No more generic newsletters. Interact to the right users, in the right context.

Deep behavioral Insights – For Brands

Whats the point of having information that you don’t know how to use?

At Activork, we decipher the user behavior to come up with actionable insights

Brands can now learn about what their customer’s Like, Ignore and are passionate about.


Our alliance gives the client Brands unique access to all of these assets and services

Custom Digital Property

Brand Alliance Ecosystem

Interest based Communities

Customer level Insights

If people like you, they will listen to you, But if they trust you, they will do business with you

Zig Ziglar


The words above are at the core of our mission.

Without trust, there can be no meaningful relationship between a brand and its customer. Thus, It is vital that brands invest in building trustworthy relationships above and beyond mere transactions. It is not only ethically correct but also a smart business call!

We strongly believe that engagement of the existing customers should be at the center of a Brand’s growth strategy. If done rightfully, your customers not only do your word of mouth marketing but also turn into your brand advocates.

Activork Partner Program

Are you a part of Digital Marketing Ecosystem and looking for truly effective ways to build meaningful engagement?

We are happy to collaborate with Partners who share our beliefs.