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About Activork

At Activork, we are on a mission to reduce noise between Brands and their Customers & Prospects.

Our foundation is based on three pillars:

Relationships: Consultative customer centric pitch progression over the product-centric sales pitch

Relevance: Continuously work to proactively improve the relevance of Context, Timing, and Medium of Communication

Standardization & Accountability: Standardize customer experience, reduce the negative impact of human error and Make every piece of communication accountable.



Standardized Customer Experience

Equip your sales team to complement their customer engagements with powerful brand-endorsed online engagement capabilities

Smarter Follow Ups

Enable your Sales team to do customer behavioral insight based follow ups. Know what matters more to each customer, and respond accordingly.


Personalized relevant reach outs

Create rich, well-organized, context-relevant content that can be quickly personalized and shared, anywhere the customer prefers.

Easy share
Follow and get notified for relevant updates

Engagements that are accountable

Make every engagement effort trackable, intent-oriented, and tied to the customer lifecycle.

No engagement is meaningless anymore.



Product & Services


Our Flagship product is a SaaS platform that can be customized to your specific Brand requirements.


We closely work with your Marketing & Sales team to understand your current challenges and provide tailor-made engagement solutions. Further, we provide training and support to your Marketing & Sales team to achieve optimum results.

Please get in touch with us to explore how Activork can help you achieve your business goals

If people like you, they will listen to you, But if they trust you, they will do business with you

Zig Ziglar


The words above are at the core of our mission.

Without trust, there can be no meaningful relationship between a brand and its customer. Thus, It is vital that brands invest in building trustworthy relationships above and beyond mere transactions. It is not only ethically correct but also a smart business call!

We strongly believe that engagement of the existing customers should be at the center of a Brand’s growth strategy. If done rightfully, your customers not only do your word of mouth marketing but also turn into your brand advocates.

Activork Partner Program

Are you a part of Digital Marketing Ecosystem and looking for truly effective ways to build meaningful engagement?

We are happy to collaborate with Partners who share our beliefs.